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Know Your Options for Voting in Kansas in 2020

We Care We Vote logo (July 3, 2020) – For hospital employees working long shifts or odd hours, it can be challenging to arrive at the voting booth before the polls close on election days. Fortunately, Kansas allows absentee voting and "no-excuse" early voting. This year, voting may be a challenge for all Kansans due to drastically reduced movements and mass gatherings in response to COVID-19. We would like to share some important voting information.

Voter Registration - Register by July 14
Thankfully, Kansas also has a voter registration process that allows you to become a registered voter from the safety of your own home. First and foremost, register to vote. If you have already registered during prior elections, go online and check your registration status to ensure everything is still in place and your registration is still valid. Go to or to register to vote or update your voter registration – right from your phone or computer. More information on registration and voting in Kansas is on the Secretary of State website. You must register to vote by July 14 to vote in the primary election. You must register by Oct. 13 to vote in the general election.

Voting by Mail/Absentee Voting
Stay healthy while voting from home. Request your vote-from-home ballot at All Kansas voters can vote by mail for any reason. There are no special eligibility requirements, but you do need to submit an advance ballot application. In light of the pandemic, several Kansas counties have sent advance ballot applications to all registered voters; those who have not received one can download the application with detailed instructions from the Office of the Kansas Secretary of State website. Your application must be received by county election officials on or before the Tuesday prior to the election (July 28 for the August primary, and Oct. 27 for the November general election).

Early Voting
Early voting means casting your ballot in person at a polling place prior to an election. Kansas permits no-excuse early voting, which means you do not have to provide a reason for voting early. Deadlines and polling locations vary by county – for more information, find the contact information for your County Election Officer. Remember, Kansas does require all voters present valid photo identification when casting a ballot in person, such as a driver's license or non-driver's identification card.

The 2020 election will be critical for choosing state and national leaders who care about building a healthy Kansas. Your vote counts and your voice matters, so please be sure you are ready and able to cast your ballot for the future leadership of our state and our country.
--Cindy Samuelson