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Kansas Newborn Screening Program Launches First Annual Facility Recognition Awards
mom baby (July 31, 2020) – In partnership with the Kansas Hospital Association and the Kansas Midwives Alliance, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment is recognizing hospitals, along with facilities and midwives, through a new recognition program for providers who administer newborn screening services. Released by the Kansas Newborn Screening Program on July 31, 2020, 131 facilities and midwives are being honored for their dedication to higher newborn screening standards in 2019.

Birthing facilities and newborn providers can earn top honors in up to five general categories by meeting or exceeding state quality, reporting and timeliness goals. Three categories offer an “honorable mention” recognition for performing better than the state average. For 2019, Kearny County Hospital and Newton Medical Center have been awarded recognition as the “All Around Best of the Best” for earning recognition in four or more categories. Ten additional facilities earned a “Best of the Best” designation for either point-of-care screenings (hearing and critical congenital heart defects) or metabolic and genetic screenings.

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2019 honorees! We’re proud of the commitment KHA members have made to higher newborn screening standards. 
--Karen Braman