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John Dick – The Ideal Team Player

John Dick (July 17, 2020) – KHA's Health Care Worker of the Year Award highlights hospital employees who have made a significant contribution to the betterment of their hospital. These individuals have been nominated for this award because they routinely go above and beyond the call of duty.

What are the ideal characteristics of a team player? The ideal team player possesses the traits of being humble, hungry and interpersonally smart. John definitely displays all three of these qualities and so much more.

John is humble in that he never likes recognition for all of the hard, outstanding work that he does. Ken Johnson, president and CEO, Hutchinson Regional Medical Center states, "The best word that I can use to describe John is ... selfless. He is always trying to make things better, regardless of how that affects him. If you ask him why he did it, he will just say that he is doing his job." Most humble people don't get the recognition they deserve. They instead, prefer to live in anonymity. John would say his "job description" is to help improve the pharmacy and safeguard patient care. That's why he spends countless hours going above his job description and hasn't asked for a dime of recognition.

As a staff pharmacist, John is hungry to improve anything pharmacy-related throughout the hospital especially with the implementation team for the Cerner project, for which he volunteered. John continues to improve the Cerner process daily. He sits on several committees throughout the hospital, including the Med Review and the Forms Committees. He works tirelessly to improve the electronic medical record system. He takes every request seriously and responds quickly. This contributes to the accuracy and timeliness in recording patient information in the chart, as well as supporting the revenue cycle process.

John is smart and relates with the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians he supervises in a professional manner. He is respected and looked up to by his peers and co-workers. One such peer comment said, "John is one of my mentors. Before even considering being a pharmacist, when I became a pharmacy technician (just to have a college job), I decided that I wanted to be a pharmacist and to follow in two pharmacists' footsteps, one being John Dick. I am probably biased when I describe what I think of John." Another co-worker commented, "He is such a knowledgeable, trustworthy, reliable, and hard-working person. He constantly has the hospital and our patients' best interest in mind. He is our "go to" guy when we need something done!" When John gets requests to help on projects, he never complains, he just does them. He never asks or expects praise or appreciation, which makes it so much easier to always name him when asked who needs recognized.

John Dick has spent his entire 24-year health care career at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center. During that time, he has consistently set a high standard for professionalism, critical thinking, intelligence, dependability and ethics. John has quietly influenced positive change and made unique contributions to keep his department running smoothly. This is evidenced by his talent for managing pharmacist staff scheduling and more recently (and importantly), his extensive contributions to the Project Oz design/build/testing/maintenance. John's work has positively impacted patient care on a large scale. His collaboration talents have been evidenced by the numerous process improvements that have been implemented in the Emergency Department. Finally, John has made significant personal and family sacrifices in his efforts to put the team and patients first. John is the type of person that every organization desires but is hard to find. He displays incredible ownership in the success of himself and everyone around him!

John will be recognized with other Health Care Worker of the Year nominees during the KHA Virtual Convention, Oct. 21-23. The winners also will be recognized at their hospitals.
--Jan Fenwick