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Essential Worker Health Care Fund

Clinical Trial (Sept. 18, 2020) – The Essential Worker Health Care Fund will pay or reimburse medical expenses directly attributable to COVID-19 testing and treatment between March 12, 2020, (governor's emergency declaration) and Dec. 30, 2020, or until funds are no longer available. Verification of eligibility is required. Depending on the individual situation, this may involve payments directly to health care providers for medical bills or reimbursements to the qualifying individual for expenses already incurred. Who is eligible for support from the Health Care Fund?

  • You must have been tested for COVID-19 and received notice that you are positive or presumptive positive (dating back to March 12, 2020); AND
  • You must be a qualifying Kansas worker (see full list here).

Apply or find more information online at Contact the COVID-19 Health Care Fund with questions at or (785) 296-1328.
--Cindy Samuelson