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Class Action Settlement on Cathrode Ray Tube-Making Progress

KHSC Newsletter (May 15, 2020) – Many Kansas hospitals have signed up for a class action settlement on Cathode Ray Tubes through the Kansas Health Services Corporation and Class Action Capital. This settlement started back in 2015 and is finally making its way through numerous appeal processes. There seems to be a resolution in place for the appeals. Amendments to the settlements have been reached with the defendants. The total for all settlements reached in this litigation is now $547,750,000. There is a hearing on the approval of the amended settlements scheduled for early Q3 2020.

It's important to note that any claims previously filed are automatically included in the amended settlements. There is nothing more for you to do at this time but wait for the rest of the process to play out. A timeline for payment is still not available, but we hope to have more clarity after the final approval hearing.

KHSC will share more details as they become available. Thanks again for participating in this settlement. We will be sharing additional settlement opportunities as they become available.
--Steve Poage