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CMS Releases Guidance on Implementation of the Interim Final Rule COVID-19 Reporting Requirements

COVID19 Reporting (Oct. 9, 2020) – This week, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released guidance on how it will implement requirements in the August interim final rule for collecting and reporting COVID-19 data as a condition of participation for hospitals in the Medicare program. The guidance includes a change in reporting of mandatory supply-related data from three times a week to once per week and makes Remdesivir and staffing-related data optional beginning Nov. 1. New influenza-related fields will be available for optional reporting on Oct. 19 with the intention to have these be mandatory fields within the coming weeks. A new FAQ provides additional details on the updated reporting guidance.

According to the Hospital Mandatory COVID-19 Reporting Enforcement Workflow, on Oct. 7, the first notification of data submission status will be sent to hospitals. Hospitals have three weeks to resolve any gaps. Non-compliant hospitals will be sent three enforcement letters through November and, those still not compliant will be sent a final termination letter on Dec. 9.
--Sally Othmer