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CKF Addiction Treatment Medical Integration Programs

CKF Addiction Treatment Facility (June 12, 2020) – Since 2009, CKF Addiction Treatment has been imbedding substance use disorder services into hospital settings. The focus of their Medical Integration Programs is on patient continuity of care, as well as decreasing return hospital visits for patients struggling with addiction. Collaboration and integration with medical staff allow patients to be quickly assessed, crisis intervention to be provided when necessary, and the patient to be referred to appropriate substance use services across the state.

Within the first year in one hospital setting, recidivism for patients presenting for symptoms related to the chronic illness of addiction were decreased by 20 percent, and by the third year, a 65 percent decrease in recidivism was reached. The majority of these patients were uninsured. In a three-year time frame, 1,668 patients were placed in substance use treatment services; and 46 percent of these patients engaged and successfully completed treatment.

CKF's recent expansion includes a medical detox setting that has proven to be beneficial. During the first three months of this expansion, there was a 65 percent decrease in return hospital visits. After one short year, the medical detox model alone unveiled an estimated 4 million dollars in cost avoidance due to consistent decreases in recidivism.

CKF continues to collect data proving that having these patient services available increases patient engagement while reducing recidivism. Their goal is to continue to expand into more hospitals and medical environments in order to best serve patients struggling with addiction.

If you would like to review how these services might improve your patient outcomes while assisting your bottom line and supporting your staff, please contact Michaela Loxterman, director of hospital services, at CKF Addiction Treatment, at (785-270-4886). 
--Deborah Stern