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Brett Hoffecker, MD – Leading His Hospital and Community through a Pandemic

(Aug. 14, 2020) – KHA's Health Care Worker of the Year Award highlights hospital employees who have made a significant contribution to the betterment of their hospital. These individuals have been nominated for this award because they routinely go above and beyond the call of duty.

Brett Hoffecker, MD, joined Scott County Hospital's medical team in 2017. He has since become well known and well-liked by both staff and patients. Despite being new to the profession, Dr. Hoffecker steps up to assist whenever needed, does not shy away from leadership roles but instead leads by example. He has served on the Pharmacy, Therapeutics and Perinatal committees. In July, he assumed the role of chief of staff. He is approachable and values collaboration. He is calm and kind, while also possessing the inner strength to make tough decisions.

Dr. Hoffecker’s contributions to SCH and the community during the Coronavirus Pandemic have been huge. In early March, hospital staff at all levels struggled to put processes in place to ensure they were prepared for COVID-19. New information was released and changed daily. Despite best efforts, communication to staff within the hospital was not optimal. In mid-March, all medical staff was gathered together to discuss what needed to be done. Out of these meetings order ensued. Dr. Hoffecker was designated as the medical staff liaison to administration. He served as the conduit through which information was passed. His willingness to meet and answer questions at any time was invaluable. He also became the face to the community for Coronavirus concerns. He agreed to be filmed for several public service announcements used to educate the community on appropriate precautions to take and why.

Dr. Hoffecker's personality lends itself to compassion, empathy and respect. However, he purposely goes outside his comfort zone to take care of the marginalized. This is reflected by his dedication to take a yearly mission trip to Africa to serve the people there. He does so without monetary compensation. His experiences in Africa have helped prepare him to be the physician liaison between medical staff and administration during the pandemic preparedness efforts. A major asset of Dr. Hoffecker is his willingness to think outside the box and to improvise. His approachability is much appreciated by those who know he will honestly answer their questions and concerns.

Dr. Hoeffecker will be recognized with other Health Care Worker of the Year nominees during the KHA Virtual Convention, Oct. 21-23. The winners also will be recognized at their hospitals.
--Jan Fenwick