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340B Regulatory Update

340B (July 31, 2020) –The Kansas Health Service Corporation and Associated Purchasing Services have received an update from SUNRx, our strategic 340B partner, on the claim information request from Sanofi and Merck & Company. We are including the letter from SUNRx for your information. Members using SUNRx have likely already received this information. It is important to note that duplicate discounts can only occur in the Medicaid program. To avoid this possibility, SUNRx has always followed the practice of carving out Medicaid claims.  

We believe that the request from these pharmaceutical companies for all claims is too broad. The drug company performing the audit should only be entitled to claim information for the drugs of their individual company - not all claims of all manufactures. KHSC and APS would advise each of you to discuss this issue with your 340B administrator before participation. We are also consulting with the American Hospital Association about this matter. 
--Steve Poage