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2020 KHA Benefits Survey Results Released

Salary and Benefits Surveys (June 19, 2020) – This week, Gallagher distributed results of the 2020 KHA Benefits Survey. Contacts at participating facilities received files containing results for the Kansas and Missouri region, as well as results for health care participants from across the country. Gallagher will release an additional file later this summer that contains results from all industries at the national and regional level with benefit trends. In April, Gallagher released results of the 2020 KHA Compensation Survey that provided an overview of the compensation data for each position and detailed data cuts for Kansas, the Kansas/Missouri region and the wider Lower Midwest/South Central region. Gallagher also distributed login information for the online tool where users can run customized reports.

Participation in the compensation and benefits survey is free to the KHA membership. Only participating members have access to the results. For more information or assistance, please contact Dee Lewis at (785) 233-7436.
--Sally Othmer