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Ready, Set, Go!
KansasCapitol (Jan. 13, 2020) – This afternoon, the 2020 legislative session officially commenced at 2 p.m. The legislature is expected to consider several key issues this session. Besides health care related topics, the legislature may be revisiting the state's tax policy, transportation funding, and rural development. As it pertains to heath care, it is highly anticipated Medicaid once again will be in the spotlight. The announced agreement between Governor Laura Kelly and Senator Jim Denning on a Medicaid expansion plan has created momentum for the legislature to consider this topic earlier rather than waiting until the end of the session. However, the opposition will continue to do what they can to delay any consideration. Additional topics that may appear during the session include modifications to the hospital provider assessment program, access to mental/behavioral health and funding, caps on non-economic damages, and scope of practice changes. Rest assured, Kansas Hospital Association staff will closely monitor these and any additional topics that may emerge.