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Legislative Post Audit Committee Meets

Audit Committee (April 25, 2022) – On Friday, the Joint Legislative Post Audit Committee, chaired by Senator Rob Olson (R-Olathe), heard an overview of previous audits related to the following:

  • Impacts and Financial Aspects of the Kansas Driver's License Suspension Process
  • Evaluating Disbursements for the Tax Credit for Low Income Students Scholarship Program
  • Trends in Social Workers Employed by School Districts

The committee discussed and selected audit proposals before them to be completed during the coming months by the Legislative Post Audit Division. Following audit staff overviews of each possible item, the committee agreed to move forward with the following audits:

  • Groundwater districts in Kansas
  • Election security
  • Community colleges athletics programs and scholarship funding
  • Permanent work from home options for state employees
  • Inefficiencies in the child support collection system
  • One staff recommended audit
  • Audits not selected last week included two possible 340B proposals. The committee members indicated a desire to possibly combine those topics and bring before the committee at a future meeting. Those audit topics not selected can be held over for possible future year selections.