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Judiciary Committee Reaches Negotiated Compromise on Health-Related Bills

Legislative Reports   (April 4, 2022) – The Judiciary Committee met several times over the course of the last week and negotiated compromise positions on a couple of health-related pieces of legislation that had been making their way through the process. The committee worked to assemble the following conference committee reports:

Very late Thursday, members of the House and Senate Judiciary committees agreed to House Bill 2387, which removes the original contents of the bill. The new Conference Committee report language inserted language altering authority and directed the executive branch to extend KanCare managed care organization contracts for one year and added clarifying language that the secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment shall continue to administer medical assistance benefits using managed care entities as described in federal law and expires the provisions on Jan. 31, 2023. The Senate saw their chamber's position adding to the bill limiting the authority of the executive branch to limit religious gatherings. This conference committee report passed only one chamber.

The House proposed changes to Senate Bill 286 separating the liability protections setting one standard for those practicing inside a health care setting, and including language indicating liability protections would not apply in a hospital setting "if a facility denies health care services to a person as such medical facility based solely on such person's COVID-19 vaccination status." The new version of the language has liability protections for long-term care, and the business community. In addition, the language creates the new crime of interference with health care services and increases penalties for assault and battery of a health care worker.

The legislation passed both chambers and goes to the governor for further review.