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Joint Committee of Rules and Regulations Meets

COVID19 Reporting (Nov. 16, 2021) – Yesterday, the Joint Committee of Rules and Regulations, chaired by Representative Barbara Wasinger (R-Hays), met to discuss rules and regulations changes. The committee reviewed and expressed displeasure with a few of the rules and regulations they felt are better suited for statutory change, rather than through the rules and regulations process.

The presentations included:

  • The Kansas Department of Health and Environment reviewed changes to KAR 28-1-40 through 28-1-44, providing the requirements and limitations for contact tracing related to COVID-19. Specifying the training required to be a contact tracer, requirements to be a contact tracer, the health data that can be collected, the personal information that can be collected and parameters for destroying information.
  • The Kansas Department of Labor reviewed changes to KAR 51-3-20, notification of termination of benefits by insurers; KAR 51-9-10, medical bills, reports and treatment; KAR 51-9-18, designating the authorized treating physician; KAR 51-9-19, neutral evaluations; causation; KAR 51-11-7, average weekly wage; KAR 51-19-2, post-award applications; "costs."