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Introduction of Bills

Kansas Seal (Jan. 14, 2020) – House Bill 2422 – Establishing daylight saving time as the permanent standard time for the state of Kansas, by Representative K. Williams.

Senate Bill 246 – Concerning medical assistance; expanding eligibility; therefore; establishing the KanCare Bridge to a Healthy Kansas program, by Senators Hensley, Bollier, Faust-Goudeau, Francisco, Hawk, Holland, Pettey, Sykes and Ware.

Senate Bill 249 – Concerning insurance; relating to coverage of mental illness and substance use disorders; limiting utilization review under certain circumstances; enacting the Kristi L. Bennett Mental Health Parity Act, by Senators Holland, Baumgardner, Bollier, Hensley, Sykes and Ware.

Senate Bill 252 – Concerning health and health care; relating to health insurance coverage; expanding Medical Assistance eligibility, by Senators Denning, Hensley, Baumgardner, Berger, Bollier, Bowers, Doll, Faust-Goudeau, Francisco, Givens, Goddard, Haley, Hardy, Hawk, Holland, Longbine, Miller, Pettey, Skubal, Sykes, Taylor and Ware.

Senate Bill 255 – Concerning The University of Kansas Medical Center; relating to the financing thereof; creating the Cancer Research and Public Information Trust Fund, by Senators Denning, Lynn, Wagle, Berger, Bowers, Kerschen, Petersen, Hardy, Olson, Longbine, Skubal, Givens, Estes, Goddard, Wilborn, McGinn, Billinger, Taylor, Alley, Doll, Hensley, Haley, Holland, Hawk, Sykes, Pettey, Ware, Faust-Goudeau and Francisco.