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Budget Conference Committee Begins Meeting on Omnibus Budget

Budget Committee (April 27, 2022) – Today, the House and Senate Budget conferees serving on the Omnibus Budget Conference Committee began meeting to work through differences between the House and Senate positions. Items being discussed in the conference committee include:

  • Adding $757,000 for a program to train health care providers in recognizing the signs of child abuse for the fiscal year 2023
  • Adding language to include maternity centers in the definition of a health care provider in the Health Care Provider Insurance Portability Insurance Availability Act for FY 2023
  • Adding $10.0 million State General Fund dollars to fund the 988 hotline operations for FY 2023
  • Language and funding of up to $15.0 million for mental health beds and associated study of the need for Sedgwick County and the surrounding areas

The conference committee is likely to continue meeting throughout the next couple of days. The omnibus bill is contained in House Bill 2510. Once all components are agreed upon, the final legislation will be voted on by both chambers.