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Audit Committee Meets to Discuss Public Funding for Lobbying

KansasCapitol (Sept. 2, 2020) – The Legislative Post Audit Committee, chaired by Senator Julia Lynn (R-Olathe), met this morning to review four audit reports. Only one audit report, Evaluating Association Membership Fees and Dues and Lobbyist Payments, addressed hospitals. The audit compared a variety of association expenditures for lobbying, including those of the Kansas Hospital Association. KHA showed the highest expenditure of public funds on lobbying in the state at $241,943. Kansas statute defines public funds as appropriations from the state or any of its subdivisions. KHA determined that we have been reporting all money from public hospital dues, not just the public funds. Once the statutory criteria were applied, KHA estimates that only about $4,800 in public funding is spent on lobbying from member dues. KHA provided testimony to clarify this with the committee. The committee has not yet scheduled its next meeting.