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Omnibus Budget Completed

Budget Committee (April 28, 2022) – Late yesterday, after five rounds of negotiations, the budget conference committee completed their work on an agreement between the chamber's final budget package of the year. The legislation is contained in House Bill 2510 and includes:

  • Allows $757,000 during fiscal year 2023 for a program to train health care providers in recognizing the signs of child abuse
  • Adds language to include maternity centers in the definition of a health care provider in the Health Care Provider Insurance Availability Act
  • Includes $10.0 million from State General Funds to fund the 988 hotline operations for FY 2023 and adds language to lapse the State General Funds if funding structures from other bills pass
  • Adds language releasing $15 million from State General Funds upon approval of the Legislative Coordinating Council for regional inpatient mental health bed expansion; provides an interim study review for the need for regional bed expansion and provides a plan to the Legislative Coordinating Council.
  • Allows an additional $15 million from American Rescue Plan Act funds to provide funding to nursing facilities to cover rising costs associated with staffing shortages for facilities in FY 2022 and includes language that lapses the funding if it is determined the funding is not allowable under federal guidelines.

The bill will now go to the House and Senate for a vote.