Federal Legislation
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File icon340B Multistate Letter 12.14.2020.pdf
Size: 1 MB
340B Multi-State Letter 12.20
File iconProposed Sixth Covid Relief Package GOP 10.pdf
Size: 431 KB
GOP Proposed COVID Relief Plan
File iconKHA 117th Congress Priorities.pdf
Size: 71 KB
KHA 117th Congress Priorities
File iconAHA Special Bulletin Biden Relief Plan.pdf
Size: 508 KB
AHA Special Bulletin Biden Relief Plan
File iconCongressional Profiles-Davids.pdf
Size: 308 KB
Congressional Profiles - Davids
File iconCongressional Profiles-Estes.pdf
Size: 164 KB
Congressional Profiles - Estes
File iconCongressional Profiles-LaTurner.pdf
Size: 295 KB
Congressional Profiles - LaTurner
File iconCongressional Profiles-Mann.pdf
Size: 318 KB
Congressional Profiles - Mann
File iconCongressional Profiles-Marshall.pdf
Size: 291 KB
Congressional Profiles - Marshall
File iconCongressional Profiles-Moran.pdf
Size: 299 KB
Congressional Profiles - Moran
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