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Pandemic Shows Need for Emergency Transportation Solution

MASA Medical Transport Solutions (April 2020) – MASA Medical Transportation Solutions is proud to serve tens of thousands of essential service employees including health care workers; paramedics and EMS personnel; firefighters and police officers; municipal, state and federal government employees; utility workers; and educational staff. We applaud their commitment and self-sacrifice as they stand on the frontlines and continue to serve the nation. MASA MTS continues to support these selfless men and women by providing best-in-class medical transportation solutions should the need arise.

As you well know, the health care systems across the nation has been forced to rapidly and continually adapt due to this unprecedented event, and this adaptation is just as prevalent in the medical transportation field. As this pandemic continues to spread across the United States and strain the medical system's resources, many medical facilities may be forced to redirect or relocate patients to neighboring medical facilities. In some regions, we are beginning to see some patients being transported to medical facilities outside of virus "hot zones" for necessary, non-emergent procedures.

These medical transports would result in increased financial exposure to the patient, due to additional or prolonged transports or the need to utilize air ambulance services due to the limited availability of ground ambulance services in a particular region. While private insurers may be responsible for some of these costs, the patient may be faced with increased cost sharing (i.e., co-payment, deductible).

This current situation has highlighted the importance of being prepared for such potential financial exposure. MASA MTS provides our members with financial peace of mind for these and other medical transportation needs. Be a part of the solution, allow the MASA MTS member program to become available for your hospital employees and their families. We look forward to serving you! To learn more, contact Andrew Zink at (314)-540-5729.