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Documentation and Decision Support Platform Simplifies Code Blue Response

RedivusHealth3 (April 2020) – Working to save a patient experiencing cardiac arrest is one of the most intense and stressful situations a hospital staff encounters. For smaller hospitals that see cardiac arrest cases less frequently, it can be even more chaotic. The adrenaline rush can lead even the most experienced clinician to blank on the next step of the ACLS guidelines.

The task of accurately documenting a code is equally daunting. Critical documentation is often scribbled on whatever paper is handy, and transcribing notes into the electronic medical record after the code ends takes time. Haphazard notetaking can lead to errors in the patient record.

A number of hospitals in Kansas are managing this dual challenge with a single tool. The Redivus Health Code Blue application provides evidence-based guidance for responding to cardiac arrest and real-time documentation that records every intervention to the second. The mobile app works on any device and can sync with any hospital EMR.

A recent study by Paul S. Chan, MD, and others published in the AHA Journals, reported these results from medical residents using the Redivus Code Blue app during cardiac arrest simulations – "Use of the app increased correct interventions by 22 percent and decreased incorrect interventions by 66 percent."

HaysMed, part of The University of Kansas Health System, has a dedicated code team that sees an average of 80 cardiac arrest cases each year. HaysMed began using Redivus Code Blue in 2016 to augment their code team's decision making and documentation.

Sarah Powers, HaysMed ICU supervisor, said, "Being able to document in real time is a huge time saver. The Redivus app adds calm to a high-stress situation, and I believe it helps us deliver the best patient care that we can."

When asked if the app would be useful for smaller hospitals, Brian Pfannenstiel, HaysMed director of Critical Care, replied, "In small hospitals, code blue is a high-risk, low-frequency event, so the app would be even more important."

With real-time documentation and clinical decision support, Redivus Code Blue saves time, increases accuracy and improves outcomes. To see if your hospital would be a good fit for Redivus Code Blue, contact