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Trustees Newsletter Articles
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STAT Whether tackling physician recruitment or considering expanding services, it is important to have a fundamental knowledge about other hospitals in your vicinity. From type of ownership and bed size to number of discharges or births, the hospital specific STAT report provides statistics about hospitals organizations, structure and utilization. Designed for the hospital community, public and others, the STAT reports are a resource anyone can use to find detailed information easily. The KHA discharge data, the AHA/KHA Annual Survey and the KHA Compdata Workforce survey are the primary resources for the information available at Updated as new data become available, the reports contain demographic information, hospital payer trends, hospital utilization rates, workforce statistics and more.

Reports related to Kansas patient discharges were recently updated to reflect discharges from Kansas community hospitals in fiscal year 2016 (October 2015 – September 2016). The community hospital utilization report provides a trend of statewide discharges of our urban and rural facilities from 2011 to 2016. As in prior years, mothers and babies combined make up more than 20 percent of the discharges when ranked by Medical Diagnostic Category. Orthopedic and cardiovascular related discharges were a close second and third. In fiscal year 2016, the federal programs Medicare and Medicaid combined to cover more than 55 percent of the discharges from community hospitals in Kansas. In addition, Medicare patients made up nearly 50 percent of the inpatient days in Kansas.

Additional reports that rank discharges by diagnostic-related group, list top inpatient procedures and display migration trends, are available at