Trustees Newsletter Articles


Trustees Newsletter Articles
Alliance Partners Conduct Community Forums Statewide

Health Alliance The Kansas Hospital Association is one of more than 100 organizations that have joined The Alliance for a Healthy Kansas. The Alliance includes business leaders, doctors and hospitals, social service and safety net organizations, faith communities, chambers of commerce, advocates for health care consumers, and many more who support expanding KanCare.

Throughout the summer and fall, the Alliance campaign will mobilize Kansas voters on the importance of expanding KanCare through a series of community meetings across the state. A list of upcoming events can be found online. The goal of these community forums is to educate Kansans about the economic and health benefits of expanding KanCare.

Thank you to the hospitals and trustees in many communities who participated either as speakers or attendees at these community forums. I've been impressed with the attendance, which has been an excellent combination of health care providers, business representatives, faith groups and individuals. Despite the varying perspectives of the attendees, they all have two things in common. First, they are very frustrated with the inattention of policymakers toward the KanCare program. The refusal to even consider expansion is the foremost example of this inattention, but the proposed 4 percent cuts and implementation problems also have been mentioned frequently. Second, and most importantly, the people at these forums CARE. It doesn't surprise me, but the level of commitment and caring present in Kansas health care providers always inspires me. Additionally, you can't help but admire the perseverance and determination shown by people who are trying to work their way through the complicated KanCare bureaucracy, often doing so while they are facing grave health challenges.