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Media Releases

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Billings Award Media Release 2015.pdf
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It is with pleasure that the Kansas Hospital Association announces Gene Meyer, president and CEO of Lawrence Memorial Hospital, has been selected to receive the Charles S. Billings Award. Members of the Kansas Hospital Association will present Meyer with the Billings Award on Sept. 10 during the KHA Annual Convention and Trade Show in Wichita.
KHA Statement on King Vs. Burwell.pdf
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The U.S. Supreme Court released their ruling in favor of Sec. Burwell in the recent federal
lawsuit challenging the U.S. Treasury regulation. The Court validated the use of federal subsidies under the Affordable Care Act in states, like Kansas, that have a federal exchange. Therefore, the approximately 78,000 Kansans who are eligible to receive federal subsidies when purchasing insurance through the federal exchange may continue to do so.
Healthy Kansas Hospitals Reach 75 Pledges.pdf
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The Kansas Hospital Association is pleased to announce that the Kansas Hospital Education and Research Foundation has received pledges from 75 Kansas hospitals committed to examining their current food and beverage practices. These hospitals will consider new policies that provide healthier food options in the hospital cafeteria and throughout the facility. This enhanced access to healthy food aims to positively impact hospital employees, patients and visitors.
KHERF Media Release 2015 - New Models of Health Care Delivery in Rural Areas.pdf
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The ultimate goal of the project is to identify a financially sustainable model that can provide access to essential health services within a reasonable distance, while encouraging collaboration between local and regional providers.
Kansas Voters Support Proposed Expansion of KanCare - KHA MEDIA RELEASE.pdf
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More than two-thirds of Kansas voters support the proposed expansion of the state’s Medicaid program, KanCare, which will cover 160,000 individuals with an income up to 138% of the federal poverty level. An April statewide public opinion poll shows that majorities across all political parties favor KanCare expansion.
KHA Media Release - New Reports Confirm Positive Impacts of Expansion.pdf
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More evidence points to the positive impacts of expanding the Kansas Medicaid program, KanCare. Two fact sheets recently release by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services highlight information on the economic impact of Medicaid expansion on individuals' financial circumstances, uncompensated care costs and state Gross Domestic Product.
KHA Media Advisory - Hearing on KanCare Expansion.pdf
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Legislative Hearing on House Bill 2319; Proponents Testify for the House Health and Human Services Committee; 1:30 p.m. – Wednesday, March 18, 2015; Kansas Capitol – Room 546 South
KHA Media Release - KanCare 2.0 Provides Access While Retaining Personal Responsibility.pdf
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Recent Studies Enforce Need to Support New Legislation for Coverage and Jobs - It is significantly important to rural and urban hospitals that a "Kansas-based" solution is reached on expansion. House Bill 2319, introduced by the Kansas Hospital Association, requires the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to develop a federal Medicaid waiver for a budget-neutral managed care program known as KanCare 2.0. This program would provide access to health care coverage options for newly eligib
Kansas Health Matters_new websiteNEWS RELEASE Jan 2015.pdf
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Kansas Health Matters - New Website
2015 The Importance of the Health Care Sector to the Kansas Economy.pdf
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The Importance of the Health Care Sector to the Kansas Economy - January 2015 - study done in cooperation with the Office of Local Government K-State Research and Extension.
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The Kansas Hospital Association, in cooperation with the Nebraska Hospital Association, is hosting a six-part webinar series designed specifically for individuals involved with informational technology security, cyber security and legal matters involving electronic health records and protected health information. Hospitals may register for the entire series or pick and choose sessions based on interest.
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