Endorsed Services


Endorsed Services
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There are a number of products and services available to hospitals that assist them in doing business. KHSC recognizes that at times, it is beneficial for hospitals to come together in joint efforts to purchase these services. The result is a high-quality product at a lower price than can be received on the open market.

BoardEffect: Newest KHSC Endorsement

KHSC has recently announced a new endorsed partner: BoardEffect. BoardEffect offers its HIPAA compliant healthcare board portal solution to more than 500+ healthcare organizations, 3,000 boards and more than 120,000 users. KHSC has negotiated preferred rates and one-on-one consultation. Click here to sign up for additional information or to receive a no-obligation quote at the KHSC discounted pricing.

For questions, contact Alexandra Ahlfield, director of partnerships, BoardEffect at aahlfield@boardeffect.com or (443) 388-6938.

Chubb Insurance - Property Insurance Endorsement

As a KHA member, you have access to Chubb's world-class property, business income and machinery breakdown insurance; plus, member-only loss-control seminars. You can even customize your level of business insurance protection with optional coverage for emergency patient evacuation and loss or damage to your nuclear medicine facilities from radioactive contamination.

For decades, Chubb has provided specialized insurance solutions to help protect health care organizations from financial loss. With years of experience, financial stability, capacity, and unparalleled loss prevention and claim services, Chubb offers KHA members a multitude of tailored solutions:

  • Up to $250 million property limit capacity with broad "all-risk" property/income perils such as water damage or change in temperature or humidity;
  • Business income insurance automatically includes Ordinance or Law and Loss of Utilities;
  • Machinery breakdown insurance included automatically in the property policy helps protect against mechanical breakdown, electric arcing and steam boiler explosion. This insurance helps protect most types of equipment including diagnostic, refrigeration, electrical systems, and heating and air conditioning systems;
  • Health care specialized endorsements such as Emergency Patient Evacuation and Radioactive Contamination for loss or damage to the hospital nuclear medicine facility; and
  • Specialized loss control seminars with topics selected by and geared toward KHA members.

Find out how Chubb can help your hospital by contacting Conrade Insurance at (888) 283-0096, another Chubb agency, or visit them online at www.chubb.com.

Class Action Capital

The Kansas Health Service Corporation is excited to announce we have partnered with Class Action Capital, a market leader in class action settlement claim management. Class Action Capital is already successfully working with a large number of hospitals across the country helping to recover substantial refunds on their behalf from two recent class action settlements totaling $728,000,000. We are excited to offer their value add services to KHA members.

After successfully adding a number of hospitals to two settlements that closed in early 2016, KHSC is now promoting two new settlement opportunities. There is a large Visa/MasterCard settlement and one for blood reagents.

To sign up for one of these settlements, simply call Andrew Mirabile with Class Action Capital at (914) 200-0006, or go to the website links listed below:

Visa/Mastercard: www.classactioncapital.com/kha
Blood Reagents: www.classactioncapital.com/bloodreagents
Lithium Ion Batteries and Optical Disk Drives: www.classactioncapital.com/khalithiumandodd.html

EmployeeTalk - Employee Engagement Tool

As the CEO of KHSC, I am pleased to announce we have endorsed EmployeeTalk for the next three years as our employee engagement provider to all KHA members. This will allow you to acquire EmployeeTalk and collaborate with other KHA members as we build a consistent statewide employee engagement strategy.

EmployeeTalk empowers hospitals to focus on areas of success and areas for improvement as identified through an innovative framework of ©21 Initiatives developed by EmployeeTalk after years of research. These ©21 Initiatives addressed through easy-to-administer ©Pulse Surveys will help hospitals quickly identify operational challenges, opportunities and employee suggested solutions in which to take immediate action. This simple and cost effective communication engine will help measure and improve operational performance enabling employee empowerment, commitment and accountability to your self-consulting success.

Hospitals can get started for as low as $225 for one month of unlimited surveys. Special discounts are available for extended services. For more information, contact Paul Ewing, vice president, at paul@employeetalk.us or (513) 850-3084.

Etactics Offers Patient Pay Billing Services

Etactics is leading the way to improved revenue cycle results for KHA members. KHSC endorses the Etactics solution for patient-friendly statements and related patient-payment services. Etactics and its local Kansas affiliate, Kalos, Inc., can work with hospitals to improve the receivable stream for their patient responsible accounts and balances. Many members have seen a significant increase in these balances over the past few years, especially over the past few months. Old and ineffective methods for collecting these amounts are no longer acceptable to many of the administrators and CFOs who have spoken to us. Etactics has proven solutions that can improve collections.

Recently, Etactics has announced three new services for improving the health care revenue cycle. Clients are now able to send out an electronically delivered and presented statement at a fraction of the cost of a mailed statement. They also have announced an upfront point-of-service solution. This easy-to-use and affordable solution verifies eligibility at the time of service and estimates a patient responsibility payment and acknowledgment and payment plan for that patient prior to their leaving the facility. When combined with their latest online address correction service, it is an unmatched suite of services for KHA member hospitals to improve patient payments and collections as early in the process as possible. For more information, please contact Steve Poage, KHSC at (785) 233-7436; Mark Schonberg (local Kansas affiliate of Etactics) at (800) 264-0068; Ray Dalessandro at (888) 342-0568; or visit the Etactics Web site at www.etacticsinc.com.


INAalert bring the advantages of social media technology to the workplace. Through texts and emails, facilities instantly communicate their message. Research shows that 90 percent of texts are read in the first 3 minutes, and 98 percent in the first hour. The uses of INAalert are driven by a facility's communications needs but may include sending out open shifts, HR and event reminders, and building and grounds notices. The software is Web based, so there are no IT costs associated with it.

Benefits of using INAalert include:

  • Cohesive, satisfied staff
  • Consistent staffing with less agency use
  • More time available for staff and patients

Features of INAalert include Message Board, Shift Board and Scheduling.

To learn more, call Monty Strecker at (620) 617-2896. He would be happy to provide a quick, online demo at your convenience. The fees are only $0.50/person per month, with a 5 percent discount available when you mention this KHSC endorsement. Visit INAalert on the Web at http://inaalert.com/auth/login.

LifeSolutionz - Alternative Compensation Program

Many hospitals are facing similar challenges: Recruiting and retaining key physicians and executives, long-term cash concerns, limited tax-advantaged savings opportunities and Form 990 compensation disclosures. LifeSolutionz offers an alternative compensation arrangement that will help address the issues that Kansas hospitals face while delivering exceptional tax and financial benefits for the executives, physicians and hospitals. This unique solution provides significant reduction in personal income tax liability, unlimited pre-tax contributions, tax-deferred account value growth and many other key components. Best of all, there is no cost to the hospital for administering this program.

To learn more about this strategy for compensation at your hospital, contact Jason Boccardi at (866) 234-9728.

Language Interpretation Services

The challenge of providing quality care increases in difficulty when your patient speaks a language other than English. Over-the-phone interpreting is the most cost effective and confidential method for communicating critical care information with limited English proficiency patients in more than 150 foreign languages.

This service will bridge the language and cultural barrier for limited English proficiency patients and will help people with diverse backgrounds communicate during important health care encounters. Propio will partner with you to deliver consistent health care and ensure patient safety. Propio has been delivering on-demand interpreting at the point of care since 1998. The interpreters are internally certified and receive ongoing specialized training for the challenging and critical task of facilitating understanding in health care settings.

When you call the toll-free Propio number, you will be connected to a skilled interpreter in 30 seconds or less. There is no need to make an appointment, and you will only be billed for actual minutes used. There is no set-up charge or monthly service fees. To learn more or to begin using the service, go to http://propio-ls.com/private or call Propio at (888) 528-6692. Be sure to mention KHSC when you call in order to get the discounted pricing.

Merchant Services: Part of the Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) - Credit Card and Electronic Payment Processing

Merchant Services is one of the newest endorsed vendors of the Kansas Health Service Corporation. Merchant Services was chosen as the preferred provider for credit card and other electronic processing options after meeting a strict due diligent process. Some of the key features of Merchant Services include:

  • Best processing rates available with significant savings available
  • Local customer service
  • Broad range of services available

Merchant Services is part of SBGA, which brings together multiple partners to provide access to products, services and educational resources at discounted rates to help its members address their most essential business needs. By leveraging the buying power of tens of thousands of members, SBGA works hard to bring members the best business solutions from the best industry providers by offering Alliance Partner Programs such as:

  • Discounted Shipping: Immediately qualify for up to 26 percent on inbound and outbound shipping through FedEx and over 70 percent on Freight (LTC) shipments from nationally recognized carriers - an exclusive member benefit!
  • Electronic Payments: Eighty-six percent of business owners are not aware of the eight-16 potential overcharges on their electronic processing statement. We'll show you where they're hiding.
  • Accounting and Payroll Services also are available

SBGA's Alliance Partner Programs work in tandem to provide hospitals with more opportunities to increase their profitability by cutting their costs. To take advantage of a complimentary Association consultation, please contact Travis Crawford at (316) 640-7650.

For more information, you also may visit www.SBGA.com. You handle your business, we'll handle the rest.

Scott HR LLC - Human Resource Consulting

Scott HR LLC, a Topeka-based human resource consulting firm, is the endorsed provider of HR consulting services to Kansas hospitals. Scott HR has extensive experience working with and in health care organizations to meet the ever growing challenges of employees, performance management, legal compliance, executive-level coaching, strategic facilitations to set vision, goals, facilitate physician credentialing, HR best practices (hiring, firing, counseling, retention, onboarding, benefit management, investigations, quality improvement initiatives and much more.

Recent client projects include:

  • HR audits
  • Employee handbooks
  • Performance appraisal systems
  • Compliance review and meetings
  • Investigations
  • Management consulting
  • Hiring process improvements
  • On-boarding systems
  • Project management
  • Organizational charts

The Scott HR service philosophy is to build long-term relationships with clients by providing solid recommendations and business practices balanced with compliance, employee engagement and budgetary considerations. Scott HR customizes strategies to improve bottom-line dollars and employee productivity, while teaching managers how to lead and motivate staff.

Clients find value in outsourcing HR services because this frees up time for clients to focus on building the business, increasing profits and looking to the future. By partnering with HR professionals that are current on HR trends and legal complexities, your business will move to the next level in developing employees, retention and performance.

SunRx - 340b Drug Program

KHSC, along with Associated Purchasing Services, has entered into an agreement with SunRx/Medimpact to assist 340b-eligible hospitals establish and operate a 340b contract and in-house pharmacy arrangements through consulting, processes and software services. SunRx will support hospitals in evaluating, planning and implementing a 340b program for their entity.

Eligible hospitals include non-profit Critical Access Hospitals, as well as Regional Referral Centers and Sole Community Hospitals with Disproportionate Share Hospital levels above a certain threshold. Eligible hospitals must register with HRSA's Office of Pharmacy Affairs. The registration Web site is located at: http://opanet.hrsa.gov/opa/CERegister.aspx?isnew=true.

To learn more about the SunRx 340b program, please contact Steve Poage at KHSC at (785) 233-7436; or Matthew Bobo with SunRx at (210) 646-1885 or (512) 788-1371 (cell).

It is important for hospital boards to understand what types of services patients in their region are seeking and where those patients are going for care. Please join KHA for a Noon Briefing on Friday, June 30, where Sally Othmer, senior director of data and quality, will explore how to use generated reports from the Analytic Advantage Plus website to support strategic market-share decisions by identifying trends in both inpatient and outpatient activity.
The Kansas Hospital Association is hosting a three-part management development webinar series that will take place over several months. This webinar series will provide new and more experienced managers with the nuts and bolts of management.
For more information regarding the KHA Leadership Institute, contact the KHA Education Department at cmadden@kha-net.org or (785) 233-7436.
For more information regarding this program, contact Tish Hollingsworth or Dee Lewis at (785) 233-7436.
The Kansas Hospital Association is hosting a three-part management development webinar series that will take place over several months. This webinar series will provide new and more experienced managers with the nuts and bolts of management.