Thursday 10:55 am


Thursday 10:55 am


Pritpal Tamber, MD

General Session
Twelve Principles Key to the Future of Health

It has been understood for some time that risk factors alone cannot explain why someone is healthy or sick. The missing link is whether people have a sense of control over their lives, something that requires individuals and communities to have ‘agency’ – the ability to make purposeful choices. Through the work of the many innovators in his Creating Health Collaborative, Pritpal Tamber, MD, has gleaned 12 principles for how health systems can intentionally foster a community’s ‘agency’ to improve its health. Tamber is the co-founder and CEO of Bridging Health & Community, a Seattle-based nonprofit dedicated to transforming how we approach health. He is the former physician editor of TEDMED, former medical director of Map of Medicine (a company that produces clinical pathways to improve the flow of patients through health care systems), and former editorial director for medicine for BioMed Central.

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