KanCare FAQs


KanCare FAQs
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What criteria is provided in the KanCare RFP as it related to network adequacy?
According to the RFP, an MCO’s provider network must be adequate to meet the following requirements regarding access to care for hospitals:
* Rural Access: usual and customary transport time (may exceed 30 minutes)
* Urban Access: usual and customary transport time (may not exceed 30 minutes)
Informational webinar about the Efficient Revenue Cycle Processes Project
For more information regarding the AHA Regional Policy Board Meeting, contact Amy Fluke at afluke@kha-net.org or (785) 233-7436.
For more information, contact Healther Fuller, MS, FACHE, at hfuller@srhc.com or (785) 452-6102.
For more information regarding this program, contact Audrey Dunkel (adunkel@kha-net.org) or Dee Lewis (dlewis@kha-net.org) at (785) 233-7436.