KanCare FAQs


KanCare FAQs
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How much does the State anticipate to save under the proposed KanCare program?
Over five years, the state expects to reduce growth in Kansas Medicaid spending by 8-10 percent.
This amounts to a one-third reduction in total Medicaid growth. Based on a conservative starting point of 6.6% growth in Medicaid without reforms (the actual growth rate over the past decade was 7.4%), KanCare is expected to achieve savings of $853 million (all funds) over the next five years.
For more information about the KMGMA program, contact Audrey Dunkel (adunkel@kha-net.org) or Dee Lewis (dlewis@kha-net.org) at (785) 233-7436.
Learn about FY2018-2019 SHIP requirements and other updates
Informational webinar about the Efficient Revenue Cycle Processes Project
For more information regarding the AHA Regional Policy Board Meeting, contact Amy Fluke at afluke@kha-net.org or (785) 233-7436.