Current Report Articles


Current Report Articles
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Facebook4 The Kansas Hospital Association is actively posting about our members and health care news. In addition to our regular social media postings, we are posting a number of thank you messages to Kansas legislators. We encourage our members to like and follow KHA. Feel free to share these messages with your followers. Thank you for your help.
--Cindy Samuelson
For more information on the KHA Board Retreat, contact Amy Fluke at (785) 233-7436 or
For more information, contact Steve Poage at or (785) 233-7436.
For more information on this program, contact Steve Poage ( or Ronni Anderson ( at (785) 233-7436.
Come and network, have some lunch and hear from talented communication professionals and hot topics related to health care. For more information or additional information, contact Jan Fenwick or Cindy Samuelson at (785) 233-7436.
For more information on this event, contact Ronni Anderson at (785) 233-7436 or